You've seen the movie, now get the rest of the story.
This book is about the music.
James Brown has had more of an influence on the music we listen to today than almost anyone else. He grew up in abject poverty, a black man in the post-depression south. His chances of making it in the world were non-existent. And yet, he went on to become one of the most powerful forces in the world of music. He had his faults and problems. He went down the road of drugs and even spent some years in prison, but he produced music you could dance to. In fact, when a James Brown song came on the radio, it was hard not to get up and dance.
Have you ever wondered who the real James Brown is? Read Legends of Soul - James Brown to find out.
This book covers his entire life, from his stillborn birth in Georgia to his death in 2006 and everything in between, concentrating on the wonderful music.



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