"It's All About the Music!"
Welcome to another in the Legends of Rock & Roll series.
This is, like the others, a mini-biography of one the greatest performers in the music world. This is the third of a series within a series covering the four members of, arguably, the greatest group in music history, The Beatles. I've already covered John Lennon and Paul McCartney, this one is about George Harrison.
This book is not about the Beatles.
While I know that you can’t write about George Harrison without considering the Beatles, the emphasis of this book is not the Beatles, but instead, the life and music of George Harrison as an individual and as a solo performer.
In this particular volume, like before, I will discuss George’s early life and his joining up with three other lads to create what is probably the greatest rock and roll group in the history of the world.
But it all ended at one point and George had a solo career after the Beatles broke up that continued to his death in 2001.
Come with me for a walk down memory lane as I review the life of George Harrison, and especially, the music that he produced. We'll visit each of his hits and find out how they came to be written or how they were recorded; and discuss any trivia that might be associated with the music. This book is about the man but even more importantly, it's about the music. This series is my way of honoring the people that have brought so much joy to our lives over the years.
It is an unauthorized fan tribute.
The Chapters include:
Introduction - A general introduction and a kick-off for the book.
Early Days - A brief summary of his life before the music started.
On to the Beatles - How did George meet the other guys and become part of the supergroup?
Patti Boyd - George meets his first wife and convinces her to marry him.
The Music of India - George gets introduced to the music that would influence the rest of his life.
Songs Written by George Harrison - George wrote some wonderful songs while still a Beatle. I talk about three.
Things Begin to Fall Apart - What was it that caused the band to unravel and finally break up?
Going Solo - The break finally comes and George strikes out on his own.
"My Sweet Lord" - the story of what is, perhaps, George's biggest hit and the controversy surrounding it.
The Concert for Bangladesh - The famous concert to raise money for the stricken country of Bangladesh.
"Living in the Material World" - His new album and the struggle to weigh fame against his new found Hindu religion.
"Dark Horse" - His first marriage ends and he releases his next album.
Months of Depression - Times are tough. George comes close to a nervous breakdown.
"Thirty Three & 1/3" - The music continues.
Olivia Trinidad Arias - George meets and marries his second wife, Olivia.
Handmade Films - George starts a film production company. What are some of the famous films he produced?
The Eighties - Things are slowing down as music tastes change and George has trouble keeping up with the times.
"Cloud Nine" - After a hiatus of five years, George comes back with a fresh sound and a great new album.
The Traveling Wilburys - George and four other superstars of the Eighties create a truly new supergroup.
Beatles Anthology - George, Paul and Ringo work on the ultimate set of Beatles music and history.
A Second Beatle is Gone - The events and illness that lead up to the untimely death of George Harrison.
After His Death - A tribute to a great performer and writer.
Legacy of George Harrison - Every Legends book has a Legacy section where we review the awards and contributions of the artist.
Afterword - My closing thoughts.
Selected Discography - A list of the major albums and singles by George Harrison.



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