Conveniently Wed
Marriage for any reason but love was once unthinkable to Maryland councilman Henry Nash. But when an innocent encounter with a criminal puts Henry’s reputation in jeopardy, he’ll make any sacrifice to maintain custody of his orphaned nieces.
And an alliance with a powerful politician’s daughter could secure the little girls’ future. As long as gentle Rebekah Van der Geld never hears the rumors surrounding her new groom…
Refusing her father’s choice of husband wasn’t an option for dutiful Rebekah. But Henry’s kindness is a happy revelation, and she’s quickly falling for his adorable nieces—so she allows herself to hope this unconventional arrangement could become much more. But can it survive a shattering revelation that puts their new family in danger?
About the author
Shannon Farrington and her husband have been married for nearly 25 years, have two children, and are active members in both their church and community.
When she isn't researching or writing, you can find Shannon visiting national parks and historical sites or at home herding her small flock of chickens through the backyard. She and her family live in Maryland. You can follow her on twittter @_SFarrington



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