This community project was recently kick-started by two young entrepreneurs who have a passion for sharing knowledge and helping drive the current innovation in small organisations, start-ups and not-for-profits. 
In the current economic climate various corporate buzzwords like innovation, strategic leadership, disruption, competitive advantage and many more are thrown around, which can leave budding entrepreneurs and individuals who actually have great ideas confused and disheartened, often abandoning their ideas and in turn reducing the rate of innovation in our society. 
So together we had enough of seeing this innovation abandonment as it was painful to see many of our friends and colleagues’ ideas go to waste and created TSE! Our aim is to provide clear and relevant information for the fellow entrepreneurs and innovators all over the globe in the hope of fostering more excitement, optimism and reducing hesitation towards getting these great ideas started!
We will be creating original information and also leveraging from others who have already paved the way in this start-up space. Readers can rest assured that the information is relevant and insightful as we draw on our own and others recent experiences.  Please stay tuned for our updates, knowledge shares, case studies and more. 



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