Three of the Most Popular Jazz Guitar Chord Books on Amazon Together in One Volume
This compilation of essential jazz guitar books includes:
Guitar Chords in Context
Jazz Guitar Chord Mastery
Voice Leading Jazz Guitar
Over 250 Pages and 350 Notated Audio Examples Help You Master the Most Essential Concepts in Jazz Guitar
With hours of audio to download for free from, this compilation shows you how to construct, play and musically apply each jazz guitar chord structure.
Bringing together three best-selling books on guitar chords, this compilation is a complete guide to jazz chord structures and voicings.
Guitar Chords in Context is designed to give you an immediate, practical understanding of how all of the basic chord forms are constructed, played and used.
Jazz Guitar Chord Mastery focuses on specific chord structures, their inversions, voicings and voice leading. It covers ‘drop 2’, ‘drop 3’ and ‘drop 2 and 4’ chords on all string groups.
Voice Leading Jazz Guitar goes beyond chord shapes and inversions. It teaches you to see the neck of the guitar as groups of intervals that add rich harmonies and tensions to otherwise standard progressions
Complete Method
Building from absolute first principles in Guitar Chords in Context, each book takes you on a musical journey that teaches you to use creative jazz chords in a musical context. With hundreds of practical applications of drop 2, drop 3 and drop 2 + 4 chords, voice leading, alterations, extensions, functional and secondary dominants, plus chord substitutions and much more, this trilogy in an indispensable guide to modern jazz guitar chords.
Buy Three Books in One Volume Now and Quickly Revolutionize Your Playing



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