Nick Stolter had found peace, comfort with a good woman and put down roots into the lush, green land where his quarter horses grazed. His son and daughters were quick-witted and handsome like their mother but had gained an instinctual cunning from him. Deep inside him was the knowledge that his family was the best thing he had ever done.
The guns hung dusty and quiet in a cabinet in the barn behind a padlock. The younger times of chasing payroll lockboxes and gold carrying stagecoaches seemed a secret lifetime ago. Until one day, a dark shadow from his past rode into the yard firing up the lure of one last easy job.
Quiet common sense wrestled with flashy, loud desire. The buckskin roan saddled, twin Colts cleaned and holstered, and Nick took one long look at home, then turned and headed north. Liquid courage from a bottle fueled his emerging streak of recklessness.
What would he sacrifice to bring money back to the family? Could he pull of the job, and make it back home in one piece or would a bullet stop him?



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