Feed the Machine... or die.
Welcome to Cago.
A small town protected by three electrified fences, the people within eke out an existence scavenging in the Scour, the wasteland of ruined junk and twisted metal that is all that remains of the old world. They are forced to feed the Machine to fulfill their yearly quota or be ripped to pieces by the silver mechanical bugs that live within it.
In this broken future, three siblings are fighting to fill the quota, time rapidly counting down to the yearly Feed. If they fail, they'll be forced to sell themselves to Fat Man, a brutal tyrant, to survive.
Their father is long gone, vanishing one night with all their wealth, throwing his family into poverty. Their mother scrapes out a living carting waste for the rich.
Ash is marching out into the Scour, a deadly place inhabited by Scabs, bloodthirsty cannibals, and hazels, monsters of meat and circuitry that stalk the night. A fallen missile is his last hope.
Nola has a plan that relies on seduction or violence - she doesn't care much which if it gets them free.
Silver, youngest and struggling with a mind that turns its sharpest knives inward has a bigger plan than any of them. One that could not only free them but possibly change the world...
A new dystopian science fiction novel from Mathew Ferguson



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