Homemade Organic Shampoos will enable you to have full, healthy and shiny hair without exposing yourself to harsh chemicals. Homemade Organic Shampoo Recipess contains 37 natural DIY Sulfate Free shampoo, conditioner and hair rinse recipes for the effective treatment of your hair.  
These recipes are easy to make and you can easily buy the ingredients at neighborhood stores or online. Many of them contain herbs and essential oils with healing and therapeutic properties for your hair and scalp. When you have tried them for yourself, you can then make larger quantities and give to friends and family.
Homemade organic shampoos are better than commercial alternatives because they are:
  * gentle on your hair and scalp (cleaning and soothing)
  * more effective (therapeutic properties)
  * money saving
  * good for the environment and
  * good for your home.
Your hair is the crown of your head and you must endeavor to make sure it is in its best condition. This you will achieve when you start using the homemade shampoos in this short book.  
Some of the recipes in this book include:
  * Hydrating Shampoo For Dry Hair
  * Soothing Shampoo For Dry Or Damaged Hair
  * Rejuvenating Shampoo For All Hair Types
  * Homemade pH Balanced Shampoo
  * Sweet Orange And Lavender Shampoo Powder
  * Rosemary And Cocoa Shampoo Powder
  * Hair Conditioner For Normal Hair
  * Hair Conditioner For Dry Or Frizzy Hair
  * Hair Conditioner For Oily Hair
  * Easy Dog shampoo
Get ready to change to homemade natural shampoo that will give you luscious and healthy hair!



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