So you think you know all you need to know about fruit?
You’ve heard about Superfoods and Super Fruits, about healthy foods and healthy eating. But do you know what the Super Fruits are and how to use them for the greatest nutrition and health benefits? Which Super Fruits are best at enhancing your libido and which are best at reducing your cholesterol?
In this book you'll learn how to Increase Your Libido and Energy, Strengthen Your Bones, Lower Your Cholesterol and More!
This book covers Super Fruits from A to Z, from Apples to Watermelon.
You’ll learn about their nutritional values, their health benefits, and how best to include them in your diet. This book is a guide to the most nutrient dense fruits s you can buy.
Jennifer Iserioh “Skinny Chef” writes in her review:
This book offers the ABC's of superfruits and how they can nourish you and protect your health. Excellent research and clear straight forward writing. Fruits are covered alphabetically but there are a few letters in the alphabet that didn't include a name of a fruit such as X and Y. The author took the opportunity to give some excellent food for thought -- ways just to enjoy your life more through positive thinking! I consider myself to be well read when it comes to health and I even learned a few things from this book- one in particular about fulvic acid.
In this book you will also learn answers to these and other questions about Superfoods:
What is organic?Why organic? How can organic Superfoods benefit your health?Are stored minerals (in our bodies) ever used?How do you tell if a fruit in the supermarket is 'organic' in the scientific sense?Just because it is grown without pesticides, does that make it scientifically organic?Can fruit be scientifically organic even though not in the 'Organic' section of the supermarket?So, what foods are THE Super foods?
And if you do need to supplement your diet, this book contains some additional information concerning supplementation and the importance of using supplements that will really benefit you.
AND INSIDE: With this book, Get immediage access to Smoothie Recipes for the Top 2 Killer Diseases!
Start enjoying the health benefits of these super fruit today! Download this book NOW!



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