This comprehensive guide to modern data encryption makes cryptography accessible to information security professionals of all skill levels—with no math expertise required
Cryptography underpins today’s cyber-security; however, few information security professionals have a solid understanding of these encryption methods due to their complex mathematical makeup. Modern Cryptography: Applied Mathematics for Encryption and Information Security leads readers through all aspects of the field, providing a comprehensive overview of cryptography and practical instruction on the latest encryption methods.
The book begins with an overview of the evolution of cryptography and moves on to modern protocols with a discussion of hashes, cryptanalysis, and steganography. From there, seasoned security author Chuck Easttom provides readers with the complete picture—full explanations of real-world applications for cryptography along with detailed implementation instructions. Unlike similar titles on the topic, this reference assumes no mathematical expertise—the reader will be exposed to only the formulas and equations needed to master the art of cryptography.
Concisely explains complex formulas and equations and makes the math easy
Teaches even the information security novice critical encryption skills
Written by a globally-recognized security expert who has taught cryptography to various government and civilian groups and organizations around the world



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