Would you like to learn how to stop giving a damn?There are situations where we just need to remove emotional attachments to people and situations to function properly. Sometimes, it consumes us, we have to take drastic measures, alter our values, beliefs and perception of the world just to stop caring!
In this book we go into great detail on the forces why we care (when this is not a luxury), and how we can temporarily (or permanently if you like) dismantle these elements that cause us to care! To liberate ourselves from caring too much, stop caring what others think-to make us emotionally detached and solid like a rock!
If you want to possess this ability? A required skill set for Professionals in fields dealing with people e.g. persuasion, seduction, contact sales etc, then this book is a must-read! Arm yourself now  and protect yourself from being over run by your emotions! Learn the Art of NOT caring and stop giving a flying f*ck!
Warning! Some advice in this book may seem cold and heartless. I am merely giving you options! You don't have to use them all. Just use the mindsets or tools you're comfortable with.
Table of contents
Survival and Replication values
Emotional Discharging
Changing Mindsets
Abundance Mentality
A Dash of Superiority Complex
The Psychopath
Not Created Equal
Pleasing Others For The Sake Of Pleasing
World Realities Versus Your Own Reality
Personal Bubble
The Bufferzone
Social Conditioning
Know Thyself
Why Do You Care Again?
Ego Feeding Frenzy
Self-esteem Versus Ego



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