Being a sex god isn't easy...
Yes has been a sex god for centuries. No one wrote stories or songs about him but they sure do remember to call out his name at the peak of pleasure. He satisfies the world by fulfilling carnal needs, so he is no stranger to Aphrodite's Island. When his sister, troublemaker that she is, calls him home for what she deems a 'special' job, he shudders to think what she could want.
Being frigid is worse...
Katie can't get off. She's determined it's physically impossible. She's tried everything—toys, men, women, flogging. It's just not happening. Finding an ad for a tropical island promising 'ultimate fantasy experiences' she figures it's worth a shot. It's not going to work, but it's worth a shot.
Passion beyond her wildest dreams...
The one man who can trip her trigger refuses to touch her. The more he backs off, the more he tempts her. Katie is fascinated by the man Miss A has sharing her hotel room but, although he seems attracted, he won't do the deed.
Can Katie figure out Taming a Sex God?



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