The adventure of love is to love others, but love yourself also. Go out! The world is beautiful, adventurous; it is a challenge, it enriches. Don’t lose that opportunity. Whenever the world knocks at your door and calls you, go out! Go out fearlessly – there is nothing to lose, there is everything to gain. But don’t get lost. Don’t go on and on and get lost. Sometimes come back home. Sometimes forget the world, those are the moments of meditation. Each day, if you want to become balanced, you should balance the outer and the inner. They should carry the same weight, so that inside you never become lopsided. This is the meaning when Zen masters say, "Walk in the river, but don’t allow the water to touch your feet." "Be in the world, but don’t be of the world." "Be in the world but don’t allow the world to be in you. When you come home, you come home as if the whole world has disappeared."



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