This book is an essential guide to help women enhance their self-worth and transform their life. It encourages them to stand in their power, succeed and be the confident women they were created to be. Success is what you are on the inside, not merely an outside appearance, and it is different for everyone. When you become empowered, you own your own power to live the life you love. You understand how to tap into your highest potential and reclaim your individuality by going within. You are given action steps to gain success in your personal, professional, and spiritual life, to achieve high self-esteem and learn to live a life of abundance. It explains that wealth and abundance is more than money; it is a place where wholeness and happiness reside. You dont have to wait until something happens or circumstances change in order to be happy, because happiness is an emotion, a muscle that you can flex all the time. It teaches you the importance of living in the moment, showing up for life, and being present. You will learn how to thrive and not just survive by understanding the importance of appreciation and gratitude for things you already possess. It explains how to handle the negative self-talk in your psyche and how to reframe your thoughts by being in a state of awareness; understanding that what you think about expands and determines your future. This book is unique because it weaves in why you should also know your net-worth. It helps you to understand the importance of having financial freedom and being prepared for when sudden life changes occur.



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