This language course is an exhaustive multimedia presentation of the german language that follows a comparative approach. That means, that the perspective of the respective mother tongue is taken into account. The course exists as well in a Spanish, Italian, French & Turkish version. Depending on the mother tongue spoken by the learner, the problems are not always the same. This course takes that into account too. It is one of the most complete courses about the german language available on the market and covers A1 as well as C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. That means: It starts from scratch, but can be used as well by people who already speak some german to learn certain more advanced issues systematically or to be used as reference. The course contains several thousand of voice example, videos, songs and audio books and exercises (together with the text, vocabulary explanation and the translation to english.) Due to the extent of the course the download can take a while. Please consider this when downloading the course with a weak connection. For any question, doubt, suggestion etc. please contact directly



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