Employers continue to say that written and oral communication skills are the most important skills for employees. This book presents the basics for writing any kind of report, such as research reports, proposals, case studies, business plans, technical reports, feasibility studies and more. Both novice and experienced writers will benefit from the book. Checklists are included to assist writers in perfecting their reports.
The book includes:
Organizing purpose, types, formats, parts
Starting planning, researching, referencing, avoiding plagiarism
Referencing basic steps, reference management software, citing sources, using style manuals, APA reference list, avoiding plagiarism
Writing objectivity, conciseness, coherence, emphasis, variety, comprehensive
Polishing abbreviations, acronyms, capitalization, italics, numbers, punctuation, spelling, word division
Producing fonts, color, paper, layout, graphics
Finishing editing, proofreading



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