Tastes of the other, other white meat. A selection of short fiction, covering one of the last great taboos, cannibalism. Contains explicit and disturbing content.
Stories include:
Pork, in which a poor girl overcomes the unfortunate circumstances of her forced marriage.
The peculiar request for a last meal made by notorious cannibal and murderer Herr Van Der Slaach.
Whoresmeat, where a beleaguered wage-slave questions what his boss is putting in his burgers to make them taste so good.
Persistent scribbler of strange and obscene things, Ed Bemand was born and raised in Guildford, UK. His first novel Beheld was published in 2006. He is also the author of other works including Sinful Submissions, Succumbing and Hannah's Story. He currently lives in Cardiff. His hobbies include loud noises, simulated violence, aimless wandering and morbid introspection.



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