Guilt can be an unrelenting source of pain. It keeps us stuck in the past and prevents us from being present and loving ourselves and others. "Freedom from Guilt and Blame" is designed to free you from guilt’s grip. It provides a step-by-step process to overcome guilt and find self-compassion by means of three different methods: cognitive, self-compassion, and spiritual using practical techniques and exercises. You’ll be able to sort out guilt from other emotions and discover whether your guilt is healthy or unhealthy. You’ll also uncover the impact and connection between your values, perfectionism, and codependency and guilt, and learn what to do.
Healthy guilt actually encourages us to get along with others, improve ourselves, and build self-esteem. However, unresolved guilt can cause anger and resentment, not only at ourselves, but also toward others. We might condemn ourselves–not once, but over and over, or guilt may simmer in our unconscious. Either way, this kind of guilt is insidious and self-destructive and can sabotage our goals and relationships. It lowers our self-esteem and makes us easy targets for blame and manipulation.
Self-forgiveness following guilt is self-essential to self-worth. Yet, for many of us, self-acceptance remains elusive because of unhealthy guilt – sometimes for decades or a lifetime. Even if what we did was wrong, we can still find self-forgiveness.



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