"Marry me, and I'll give you back your name…and your baby."
In the hearts and minds of Whitehorn, Montana, Gavin Nighthawk was guilty of murder. But Summer Kincaid's spirit–her very soul–whispered that he was innocent. True, Gavin had a Big Sky-size chip on his shoulder concerning his Native American heritage, but Summer knew him to be a healer…and a loving father. So to protect her childhood friend and his baby, she married Gavin, knowing the legitimizing power of the Kincaid name. And then she promptly lost her heart–something she'd vowed not to do. Something as unstoppable as the final judgment regarding her husband's future….
About the author
Linda Turner began reading romances in high school and began writing them one night when she had nothing else to read. She's been writing very since. Single and living in Texas, she travels every chance she gets, scouting locales for her books.



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