Her lie came back to haunt her…
Ten years ago Rachel and Stephen had had an affair–and the result was little Jamie. For reasons of her own, Rachel had told Stephen that Jamie was someone else's child. But when Rachel finally admitted Stephen was the father, he wouldn't believe her. He was convinced Rachel was a conniving, scheming woman who would go to any lengths to get what she wanted–and she appeared to want Stephen. Perhaps it wasn't a case of what Rachel wanted at all, but what Jamie needed–a dad!
Jennifer Taylor "is sure to touch each and every heart in a unique but fierce way."
–Affaire de Coeur
About the author
Jennifer Taylor has been writing Mills & Boon novels for some time, but discovered Medical Romance books relatively recently. Having worked in scientific research, she was so captivated by these heart-warming stories that she immediately set out to write them herself. Jennifer’s hobbies include reading and travelling. She lives in northwest England. Visit Jennifer's blog at



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