Black Royce is a battle-hardened soldier of the gods. His vow to protect innocence throughout the ages is his life – until he’s sent to New York City to protect beautiful, feisty heiress Allie Monroe from danger. He knows she’ll be his only weakness…
Allie Monroe is more than an heiress. She’s a Healer, willing to do anything to save victims of the evil that lurks in the city at night. Alone, she can do only so much – until destiny sends her Royce.
Then evil strikes…
Now Allie will do anything to save Royce – even if it means going back in time to a dark, dangerous world.
Confronting their enemies could cost not only their lives, but their love – for all eternity.
About the author
Brenda Joyce is a New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 novels and novellas, including the popular and critically acclaimed de Warenne Dynasty Saga, a series of novels set in Regency and Victorian England. She lives on a ranch in Arizona with her dogs, broodmares and the year’s current crop of foals. If she isn’t on the back of a reining horse, she can be found madly at work in her office, penning her latest romance novel.



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