All she was looking for was a quiet little wedding. Instead, she got an adventure!
Courage, Kansas, 1873: Unaware of the city ordinance that prohibits it, young rancher Josey Adams brought his pistol with him into the saloon. Needless to say, this didn't make him friends with Sheriff Theo MacRaven. When the lawman locks him up, Josey has no choice but to break out, because an hour from now his mail order bride from New York City will arrive at the train depot in Providence, Kansas—and he's over in Courage.
Irish immigrant Molly McGuire and her grandmother Gran have left the slums of New York City and traveled far to find a new home in the West. But instead of Josey they accidentally meet farmer Honestus Newbigin, who seems to be a really nice man. But where is Molly's groom?
And then there's this hot air balloon at the town fair that Gran is desperate to ride in…
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