As non-native English speakers, we would probably find it difficult to understand even the most common idioms. We should understand the form of each idiomatic expression before we can use it correctly in a sentence, besides knowing its meaning. In this book, the list of 99 common idioms is in alphabetical order under each chapter that shows its category. Each idiom comes with its meaning and its form (verb, noun, adjective, adverb, or respective phrase) to ease understanding on how to use it as part of a complete sentence. This book attempts to provide an analogy to help us remember the meaning accordingly. Each comic strip illustrates an example for each idiom in terms of how we can use it in spoken English. It also attempts to reflect directly its figurative or literal meaning; or even both literal and figurative meanings in some cartoon illustrations. Hence, this book aims to make readers fall in love with idioms when learning them in easy and fun way through cartoon illustrations. Dr Shahida Sulaiman together with cartoonist ASAK and Dr Zarina Mustafa who specialises in English field, form a great team to make this book worthwhile to all readers.



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