The OM-D E-M5 II is a tiny camera camera that can achieve a whopping 40 megapixels! It also has one of the most customizable and nuanced user interfaces ever. Even experienced users will need help understanding all of the different permutations of features or groups of features spread across different menus.
In this detailed and easy-to-read reference, professional photographers Gary L. Friedman and Tony Philips simplify the complexity and provides the shortest learning curve for this infinitely-configurable camera.
In this 450-page, full-color e-book you'll learn:
* The author's personal camera settings (with explanations)
* An explanation of every function in plain English, with relevenat menu items grouped together so you can get a good feel for all of the features' dependencies.
* Step-by-step guide to using Wi-Fi and the Smart Phone app, and cool things to do with these tools
* A religious treatise on the RAW vs. JPG debate
* A set of "Cliffs Notes" cards



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