On a 'Martini Bianco' bar terrace in the British Virgin Islands, Tambrera rum executive Sam Bartleby receives notice that he is fired. Worried about his financial future and the grim prospects for his personal life, Bartleby discusses with his uncle Clive, an unexplored business strategy that will allow him to stay in the Islands without a job. His plan involves recruiting a sugar baby, and over drinks, Bartleby finds the perfect candidate in Ethnographer, Flower Parkwood, the why-not, clueless, bohemian friend of teleoperator Clarity Nice.
While Clive spends time with Clarity, Bartleby spends the day with Flower trying to convince her of the benefits of being his sugar baby but Clarity´s friend refuses the slick executive’s propostion. He persists; he will provide food, lodging, travel arrangements and valuable personal guidance to her for the long term. To entice her, he pays for a large shopping spree on the island of Tortola.
After a good meal in one of the island´s nicest restaurants, Flower finally accepts Bartleby´s offer to board the company boat, a wannabee-yacht, the 'Lady Moura'. She will be his sugar baby for a few days while he carries out a business transaction for a marriage and dating site named Oleanne. The deal allows Flower to bring her friend Clarity onboard. Together they collaborate on the business transaction with Bartleby and a man known as Chubby Caddy, an important client of the Oleanne dating service coming from Panama.



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