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Automatically keep track of the places you visit, how you got there, and what you did while you were there. With a learning engine that gets smarter and more accurate the more you use it.
- The highest accuracy cycling detection available!
- Automatic running and cycling recording - no start button required!
- Automatic recording of places you visit, with analytics and statistics that evolve over time
- Automatic detection and recording of walking, running, cycling, driving, train, tram, bus, airplane, motorcycle, boat, skiing, snowboarding, wheelchair, and many more
- A learning engine that makes it possible to achieve increasingly accurate and detailed recordings of visits and trips, personalised specifically for you
- A searchable memory of your life's travels, searchable by places names, locations, activities, and more
- Export individual trips, or entire days, weeks, months, or years to standard GPX format files, for analysis and visualisation in hundreds of third party services and apps
- Collates place statistics, average visit durations, average calories burned, heart rate, and more
- Compare individual visit statistics to your averages
- Collates workout sessions and sleep times for each visit
- Altitude graphs for visualising mountain hikes, airplane flights, etc
- Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activity summaries, showing duration, distance, calories burned, and much more, for every activity type
- Automated daily and monthly exports in GPX format or full detail JSON files
- Save walking, running, and cycling workouts to Apple Health
- Moves app data importer
Collection of Health data such as calories burned and heart rate requires an Apple Watch or other Apple Health connected device.
Arc is only awake and using GPS when you are active and moving. For the rest of the day Arc stays in a low power sleep mode, with GPS turned off, to conserve battery.
On a typical day of two to three hours of travel a single full battery charge should last from morning to evening without requiring extra recharging during the day. However longer trips (for example a long hike or cross country drive) may consume more than expected battery, due to Arc needing to be awake and recording, with GPS activated, for the duration of the trip.
For longer trips, I recommend plugging your phone into a car charger or battery pack, to avoid unpleasant battery surprises.
By becoming a monthly Backer, you help to support the project's continued development. Thanks!
## Backer Subscription Details
Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account. At the end of the term your subscription will automatically renew in your iTunes account. You can turn off automatic renewal in your iTunes account settings at any time, but you must do so at least 24 hours before the end of the current term.

Neue Funktionen von Version 3.6.1

- Sped up loading of photos on timeline view on iOS 16 devices
- Various improvements to backup / restore / import systems
- Fixed workouts list not updating after adding/removing workout from timeline
- Other misc bug fixes



Matt Greenfield







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Version 3.6.0
Leider ist das App ohne Abo nicht mehr zu gebrauchen - war ein super App - jetzt nicht mehr!

Not free to use anymore?

Version 3.6.0
Since last update (3.6.0) when I open the app, it automatically ask me for a subscription and there’s no way to avoid it. Before this update, subscription were optional. So basically I can’t do anything with this app anymore. I have more than 6 years of data within the app.
In your release log, there’s no mention about a mandatory subscription.

the developer is very helpful

Version 3.3.1
Despite losing all my data due to an update gone wrong because of the iOS version, the developer was very helpful giving attention to details, what I found very nice. Thanks.
I will try to update all and continue using this nice app.

Just awesome

Version 3.0.2
Best location tracker there is on the App Store!
Only sad that there isn't almost any integration with other apps/workflows, but hopefully that will come as it gains popularity 😄


Version 2.3.2
It asks for a subscription...

Best Tracking App

Version 2.2.10
This App is more than a simple step tracker.
Best moves replacement.

version 2.2.5

Version 2.2.5
version 2.2.5 keeps crashing. these newer versions tend to be less stable than a few weeks back.

Very precise App; unusable due to constant Stops of Recording

Version 2.2.4
Dear Matt
You are claiming constantly to become a backer:
Yes, I would consider this seriously, if your App would work more reliable: actually, it informs me about a data gap since 4 days and 2 hours! Restaring it didn‘ help. Such interruptions occur very frequently; please fix it, and you will have my entire support.

Best location tracker in the App Store

Version 2.2.4
This is the perfect alternative to the discontinued Moves. And it is much more user friendly and privacy aware.
Development is steady and deserves your support. Please donate if you use it. Here, you don’t pay with your data!

Just what I was looking for...

Version 2.2.3
...to replace Moves, which was sadly discontinued at the end of July. Arq offers impressive tracking accuracy and recognizes previously-visited location names very fast. The big bonus: I could import my entire Moves history, which would otherwise have been lost to view.

Perfect replacement for moves

Version 2.1.3
After testing some alternatives I can say: Arc is really the perfect replacement for the Moves App. First of all: I was able to import all my daily Moves data since 2013! (Just a hint: be patient! It takes time to download, unzip, convert and import some 400 MB, but Arc does it perfectly). Second: Arc has something Moves did not have: a search function which makes it possible to quickly find events, activities, places. Third: the developer keeps updating the app and was very responsive when I asked for help. I’m happy!!!

Ganz gut soweit

Version 1.9.0
Bin recht zufrieden Feature-technisch ein würdiger Ersatz zu Moves.app, das ja abgekündigt ist.
Wenn es jetzt noch einen Import für meine Moves.app history gäbe, wäre ich seelig. Dann gibt‘s auch das 5. Stärnli.

Awesome App!

Version 1.9.0
Thank you for this excellent alternative to the Moves app which was recently shut down. This app does seem even better to me. I like the auto export feature! Keep up the good work!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼